Monday, February 28, 2011

Library Time With Friends

As much as I complain about the weather and how much I dislike snow and winter and everything that involves being cold for months on end, I LOVE living where we do.  Besides the amazing friends that I've made, we also have great parks, a fab church, and, something that we utilize to the fullest extent, the best library around.  Their children's' programs are always fun, the librarians are extremely friendly and helpful (Maya actually pretends that she is "Miss Sarah" or "Miss Stacey" sometimes and reads books to Charlotte <3), and they have a free playroom that is open 3 days a week with all kinds of fun and educational toys.  The girls and I usually go a couple of times a week in the winter (in addition to going to "Story Time") and it is so nice to have an environment that is kid-proofed and full of fun new toys!  Bonus?  My house doesn't get destroyed every afternoon! :)  We do clean up the library playroom before we leave, but for some reason it's always easier to clean at someone else's place than at your own.  I often go to the playroom with the intention of reading (either for Bible Study or Book Club), but usually end up meeting with friends instead :)

Last week, we met with Sierra and Emily and their respective children.  The girlies had fun and I got to talk to grown-ups ~ win win!

This one was actually at our house, but the picture of Isaac was too cute to leave out :D

Pretty sure Isaac was doing the old "yawn and stretch" maneuver to try to put his arm around Charlotte.  Such a smooth little man!

For whatever reason, the food bins always transform into something way more fun than simple baskets.  This day they were a train, I believe.

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picturingtheordinary said...

Yay! I was excited to see your post as I just closed Blogger because I was having problems uploading pics. These are great pictures and I love the one of Isaac...I'm a little partial though. :)