Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'ma pretend it's spring.  The snow is almost melted and we've gone outside to play 2 days in a row (yay!).  Charlotte basically hates life when I tell her that we're going outside, while Maya thinks it is the best.thing.ever. and will run around and be Little Miss Helpful trying to get Charlotte excited.  I finally got Charlotte to stop crying (who cries at being outside when it is WARM?????) by putting her in the swing.  It was a slight improvement, but only lasted a few minutes.  Finally she had had enough and I put her inside, where she watched from the back door while Maya and I played.  At least she wasn't crying!


The other day, Maya wanted to take a picture of Michael, Charlotte and I.  She got us all arranged and started snapping away.  After each picture she would look at her camera and say something like, "Oh, that one's cute.  I'm going to put it on my blog." lol :)


And now, of course, pictures.  You will notice Charlotte's sour expression in the swing contrasted with Maya's "I'm so excited the joy is just bursting out of me" expression, as well as the general lack of pictures of Charlotte.  Maybe tomorrow I can convince her that being outside is a fun time!


So wish this one was in focus!  Maya was jumping around dancing to "Tik Tok"



Michael Haren said...

It looks so nice out! Too bad it'll be dark when I get home :P.

picturingtheordinary said...

YAY!!!!! I'm so happy it's nice out! We went to the park today! Anyway, I love these pictures especially the last one of Maya and the one of her hands! p.s. sorry I haven't called yet, we just got home and I need to charge my phone. :)