Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Friends, Uncle Chris, and Monkeys

Not much to report :)  We had an amazingly fun and relaxing weekend with Uncle Chris, saw some old friends (my old Bible Study leader and her daughters...I actually babysat the one who is now TWELVE years old! :)), and went to the Rainforest at the Cleveland Zoo.  My favorite conversation of the weekend?  Let me set the scene:

Before leaving for the Rainforest, we told Maya that it was a part of the Zoo.  She said that it wasn't, and there was no convincing her that it was.  Uncle Chris actually "bet" her $5 that it was at the Zoo (a bet which she took, with her fake money).  A couple hours later, we were sitting in the cafe at the Rainforest,  eating our yummy lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Maya, looking out the window: Mommy, that looks like the Zoo!
Me: I know!  It *is* the zoo.  Remember how we told you that the Rainforest was a part of the zoo?
Michael: Ya, Maya, looks like you were wrong.
(Chris and I voiced our agreement with Michael)
Maya: No, YOU guys were wrong.  We're not at the zoo.

And that was the end of it.  The girl is stubborn like her mama :)


True to form, Charlotte DID NOT want to go outside to meet friends at the playground.  Fortunately she slept almost the entire time, only waking to give us dirty looks before closing her eyes again.

For some reason Maya felt the need to do a Tarzan-type yell every time she went down the slide :)

Anna and Rebecca

Uncle Chris

Charlotte's very favorite toy.  It is supposed to be in the bathtub or the water table, but ends up randomly around the house.  In this picture, it is apparently taking over the train table city a la King Kong


If your pants are on fire, being a liar becomes less important.

Charlotte's favorite animal was the tamarin (super adorable tiny monkey-like animal).  The pictures I got of the tamarins are blurry, though, so instead I will post this one of a monkey with a baby swing (holy cuteness) and pretend that was her favorite :)

This monkey was big.  And not so cute.  And really big.

When did my baby grow up???  She was running all over the place, wandering around without needing us to be right there, babbling up a storm...time really does fly!
Night all!

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Lacey said...

The duck looks so innocent for such a fierce king-kong like critter! haha