Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Maya was supposed to have preschool today, but due to Snowpacalypse 2011, every school within a 200 mile radius was closed (I'm just guessing here...the ones in our county and the surrounding counties were closed, though).  Michael was working from home, so I thought it would be a good idea to get the kids outside for a bit.  Maya has been begging me every day to go play in the snow, too, so that made the decision easy!  I got the kids bundled, and before we even got out the door, Charlotte was freaking out.  Have I mentioned that she doesn't like the snow?  I tried to reason with her, to show her how fun it was, to have her just sit and watch, to carry her around, but none of it was working.  Her screams were getting louder and my patience was running thin, so I took her inside and explained that if she was going to scream then she would just have to watch from the back door while Maya and I had a super fun time (did I mention that my patience was running thin?).  Michael heard this conversation we were having:

Me: Charlotte, I am sorry but your choices are to play outside with Maya and I or to stay inside by yourself.
Charlotte: Waaaaaaaah haaaaaaaaah my life is so hard and I'm cold and waaaaaaaah
Me: I understand that you are very mad at me right now.  Let's take off your boots and coat and...
Me: I know it's hard when you're cold and tired, but your choices are to stay in or to come out, and your screaming tells me that you are choosing to stay inside.

***enter Michael***

Charlotte: (running to Michael with arms outstretched) Daaaaaaaadyyyyyyyy!

So I went back out and played with Maya, and Charlotte laid in Michael's lap while he worked.  Win-win :)

As you can probably guess, I have no pictures of Charlotte playing outside!  Plenty of Maya, though :)



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