Saturday, February 12, 2011


Ever since our household was sick, I've been having a tough time getting back into the swing of things.  Not to say that I normally have it all together (far from it! :)) but this week has been especially hard.  I blame the extra cold temperatures for my lack of motivation to even pick up my camera (I KNOW!).  But, yesterday some friends and I got together at a friend's house and had a mom's night in, and it was spectacular.  I love those nights when we are all laughing so hard that we lose track of time, and I think it gave me just the boost I needed (ok, that and the large amount of vitamin D my midwife has me taking! :)).  I actually folded laundry this morning, and I won't embarrass myself by saying how long it's been...but let's just say the girls were tasked many times this week to go get their clothes off of mommy and daddy's bed instead of out of their closet!  Michael and I even forewent "family nap" today (which has really become a Saturday tradition!) so that we could put the kiddos to bed a little early and watch a movie without Charlotte trying to run back and forth on the couch/climb onto the kitchen table (no joke), and without Maya asking us every 5 minutes what is happening and why such-and-such character said what they said and what will happen next and why that person is wearing shoes (yes, that is a common question around here).  Bonus of kids sleeping while we watch a movie?  It doesn't have to be a cartoon (woohoo!).  I mean, I love me some cartoons...but sometimes I just need something with a little more substance and a little less princess :P

And now for your viewing pleasure, here are some random pictures from this week!

My friend Linda's son, Ian.  She brought him to book club last weekend and I got to hold him for a bit.  He is too cute!

Penny came to visit and babysit last weekend (we had an awesome double date with Sierra and Walter) ~ Michael took this picture, and apparently there were some very interesting birds outside that they were looking at?  I mostly am posting this picture to show Charlotte standing on her art table, her new fav hangout. Also to show off Penny's hair, which Maya helped her style :)
Maya's preschool class exchanged valentines on Thursday.  Yes, it was very adorable.

Charlotte practicing "downward dog"...

...and "cat" pose

The only way I can get her to sortof smile is to as her to show me her teeth, lol :)

Maya chose this face all on her own :)

Mom's night fondue spread!  Yum!
"Little" Isaac really wanted to get his hands on that chocolate-covered marshmallow!

"Big" Isaac with his winnings...I'm not saying he stole the toys from the other Isaac...but let's just say they were both playing, then there was some crying from the other party, and this was the result ;)


He sat like this for a good 5 minutes.  I think he was too sleepy to realize that his hands were still up!

SO cuddly!

The girlies helped me make some pancakes and home fries this morning while Michael was at his Bible Study.

"Pay! Pay!"

Michael was super excited at his genius idea to cut the girlies's pancakes with cookie cutters. 

Maya was happy with the result :)


Laura said...

Oh my god. I need to come visit soon and pronto. Charlotte is looking much too old!!

Math Zombie said...

No cartoon? What movie did you watch?

And I like to use cookie cutters with pancakes too. I put the cutter right in the pan and pour the batter into it.

picturingtheordinary said...

Seriously, pancakes shaped like gingerbread men! Wow, you guys are too cool!!!!

These are great pictures...I love Charlotte practicing downward dog, Maya's name on the Valentine, and the black and white ones of each girl giving a "smile". Oh and the one of my Isaac made me laugh out loud. :)

Michael Haren said...

@Sierra, it's now clear that the whole locked-elbow thing we were talking about at Caribou is genetic--Big Isaac is doing it, too. He'll be well equipped to read books in otherwise challenging situations. If we still have books, that is.