Monday, April 16, 2012

Extreme Close-Up!

We've had two amazing days here, weather-wise.  We've all been in great moods, too ~ the sunshine definitely brings out the best in my kids!  I even got them to look at the camera (!!!) and smile (!!!!!).  I told Maya that I was working on a new project to make her have super sparkly eyes in my pictures (after reading an article I found on Pinterest...shocker, right? :)).  I didn't get exactly what I was going for, but I was excited to get some close-ups of my beautiful girls!  Milo isn't featured in this set ~ every time I tried to get a close-up of him, he either started crying because I had put him down or he crawled frantically to try to get my camera strap.  Maybe next time :)

She made me take this one, and thought it was hilarious :P

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picturingtheordinary said...

The one of Charlotte blowing bubbles is AMAZING! Maybe I'll have to try the sparkly eye bribe on Isabella. ;)