Thursday, April 19, 2012

8 Months!

I can't believe that little man is already 8 months old...though it also feels like he's been a part of our family forever.  It's strange how babies are placed into your family and somehow just fit.  Charlotte is constantly trying to get me to put Milo ("Milo-boo") down so that she can make him smile or laugh, and all that Maya has to do is cross his field of vision and he is cracking up.  Of course I am still his favorite person EVER and if I walk away his little brain must go crazy because he either cries as if in pain, frantically belly-crawls toward me, or (most likely) both.  Once he is in my arms I am rewarded with a hug and sometimes a bite on my shoulder (we're working on that...he gets a little too excited!).  This phase of not being able to put him down is exhausting, but I know that it will pass all too quickly so I am trying my best to enjoy it.  

Don't let the pictures below fool you ~ he was happy for approximately 2.6 minutes before deciding I was much more interesting than the water or grass :)  But, it does give me hope that he'll enjoy being outside this summer!

Charlotte: Mom!  Milo's standing!  Milo's standing up!  Good job Milo!  Mom look at Milo standing!  Milo-boo you're doing a good job standing!
(I put him there for the photo op ;))

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