Friday, May 25, 2012

So Busy!

This month, we planted a garden (that is slowly being eaten by...something...need to add a fence), Maya "graduated" preschool, all 4 of us ran in various races in the Cleveland Marathon (and Michael and I both beat our goal times!), Maya has her ballet recital tomorrow, Charlotte was interviewed for preschool last week (more on that later, probably :)), Maya has kindergarten early entrance testing next week, family is visiting tomorrow, I'm running another race next week, and 2 weeks after that we leave for vacation...phew!

One story for ya'll:

We went to Handel's last night (check out their Key Lime Pie ice cream if you want to taste the most amazing thing ever).  We saw a group of totally normal teenagers doing totally normal teenager things, including one boy/girl pair being overly touchy with each other. 
Me: You know that someday some boy is going to be like that with Maya, right? You kinda want to punch him in the face now, don't you?
Michael (without missing a beat): Yeah.  And I want to knock off his stupid knit hat.  And shove it down his stupid face.


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