Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April, Random

My kids have been awesome, funny, busy and demanding-of-my-time lately (the nerve! :)).  In the next month:
Maya will "graduate" from preschool (2 more weeks!)

Maya will have a ballet recital
Michael will have a trip to Canada (we're tagging along this time ~ yay!)
Maya will have 4 more soccer games ~ she doesn't seem to like it all that much, but girl gives it her all!
We will plant our garden (yay!!!)

~SO many fun pictures to come!!!~

Here are some random samplings of pictures and such from the last month :D

Completely and totally out of the blue one night, Charlotte comes in the room and says, "Mom, when we're going on a bear hunt we can't go over it and we can't go under it because we have to go through it."

Scavenger hunt in Sierra's woods :D


Maya, watching me do sit-ups:
"Mom, are you exercising?  Exercising makes you strong and healthy.  Daddy why aren't you exercising?  You gotta move your body!"

Maya, on our way to the gym:
"Mommy, how long are you gonna run?" "I'm not sure, probably about 4 miles." "You should run 5 miles."

Heading out to the compost bin for the first time since we moved:
Maya:  Mom, this is SO fun and exciting!
Charlotte:  Yay!  Let's go feed the worms!


After "Take Your Child to Work" day, we were talking to Maya about her time at Michael's work:

Me:  So Maya, do you want to be an engineer when you grow up?
Maya:  Well, I *did* really liked learning what engineers do.
Michael:  How diplomatic of you.  But...
Maya:  But I want to be a bride.
Me:  Well you can be a bride AND an engineer.
Maya:  Ok, I want to be a bride and a mommy and an engineer.
Michael: Anything else?
Maya:  No, just 3 things. 

Because Milo was sick this morning, we had to skip Story Time at the library, so the girls made their own Story Time at home.  As Maya (aka, "Miss Sarah") was getting ready to read the book, she reminded Charlotte to sit down so that everyone could see.  Charlotte said, "oh, it's ok.  Everyone else is standing up, too."

We had Milo's 9 month well check yesterday, and my big man is in the 86th%ile for height!  No wonder he is outgrowing all his clothes!  Following in his sisters' footsteps, though, he is on the lower end for weight.  Even still, though, I imagine he will soon pass up Charlotte in the weight department...I seriously wish I had my skinny-minny's metabolism!  
I did bring up a concern with our pediatrician, that Milo, rather than crawling, will drag himself along the floor army style.  The girls both started crawling right around 6 months and took their first steps around 9.5-10 months, so I was expecting the same from him.  Turns out he is right on track and they were crazy early, who knew!  Also, literally AS I'm telling the doctor that Milo has never crawled, Milo got up onto his hands and knees on the exam table and crawled forward one "step".  Stinker!