Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas ~ Part 4 (and a little bit extra :))

This week and weekend were amazing.  Lots of family, friends, food and fun.  We drove to Lancaster on Thursday to celebrate Christmas with Larry and Steph (my father-in-law and his wife), then drove back to Kent on Friday to go to the Christmas Eve service at our church.  After the service we came home to our tradition of "snack dinner" and a Christmas movie ("Elf"), the girlies got new Christmas jammies, and we did the bedtime thing.  After the girls were all nestled, Michael and I went about our "Santa" duties.  

And now, pictures of Thursday/Friday:

Before we left for Lancaster, I met with Sierra at the library with the kids for "Crafternoons".  They were supposed to make sleds out of popsicle sticks.  Charlotte did a good job of getting glue everywhere *but* the popsicle sticks!

Isaac sat there looking adorable, as always!

When we got to Lancaster, Laura was researching laptops.  Of course Michael had to help!

Apparently "Dominoes" is *the* thing to do at Grandpa's house.

I think we could have had twice as many potatoes and they still would have all been eaten!  Maya had *at least* 3 servings!

Yum!  Much better than our sugar cookie disaster (which showed me that our heating element in our oven is not functioning properly :P).

Can't remember what she was watching, but I do remember that she was ENTHRALLED!

Grandpa and the girlies looking for reindeer tracks.  From then until Christmas morning Maya had her eye out for more!




Chris thought he was pretty funny putting Larry's gift in a VS box :)

Charlotte and her Elmo camera

Maya and her "Leap Pad Drawing Thing" which I am pretty sure has been used constantly in the car since she got it.

Charlotte and Unai, making mischief!


Christmas jammies!

Snack dinner

Apparently Maya has never had Pizza Rolls before, because she thought these were muffins :)

Of course we had to have healthy food, too!

Yum!  Blowfish!  You don't want to know what is in it, for real.

Next time, Christmas morning!

Night all!


Michael Haren said...

Charlotte's wondering where all the presents went in her knelling picture...?

picturingtheordinary said...

Am I allowed to say that my own child looks super cute in the picture you took?! :) I especially like the picture of Michael's dad holding the girls while looking out the window and the picture the three cousins on the couch! I'm glad you guys had fun and it looks like the girls had a blast! I was so close to buying that Leap Frog thing for Isabella this year...glad Maya likes it!

Sarah said...

Of course you can say he looks super cute ~ because he *is* super cute!

The girls both love the Leap Pad thing, and it's awesome that Larry got Maya a different Leap Pad thing for her birthday, because they're different enough to both be fun for Maya, but similar enough that Charlotte doesn't care which one she's playing with (which cuts down on a lot of conflict in the car! :))

Laura said...

Yeah, the pictures of Dad holding the girls (especially the black and white, looking out the window) are ADORABLE. Like, the cutest thing ever. You'll have to frame that one for him. Absolutely precious.