Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kids' Christmas Party

On Sunday, Michael and I took the girlies to the Kids' Christmas Party that his work puts on every year. There was a craft, brunch, and SANTA!!!!!  Michael's company purchases a gift for each child (picked by the parents ;)) and when the child's name is called he or she sits on Santa's lap and receive their gift.  It's very cute, and this year because Maya is kindof understanding Santa, she was so so so very excited.  By the time they called her name (she happened to be second-to-last) she could barely sit still from the anticipation!  And, if you know anything about Maya, you will know that she was EXTRA excited when she opened the gift to find that it was craft supplies!  Charlotte got the same thing, and thought she was a very big girl carrying her case around!

One of the crafts was a "decorate your own Christmas cookie" bag, which was quite the hit!

Maya was even kind enough to share the finished product :)

Charlotte was not so thrilled with Santa!  Apparently she didn't realize there was a gift coming!

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picturingtheordinary said...

So cute! I can tell Michael was really excited about the craft supplies.