Monday, December 6, 2010

"The Hunt for the Perfect Tree" or "Charlotte Hates the Cold"

On Saturday, we bundled up the kids and headed over to Rauh Tree Farm in Stow for our annual tradition of picking out a Christmas tree.  I LOVE this tradition.  I love the going back and forth, analyzing the various types of trees, jokingly picking out a tree that is WAY too big, small, thin, dead, etc.  I love walking all over the tree farm, dragging the tree back to the car.  The whole process to me is just perfect and awesome.

Michael, however, thinks of this tradition as a form of torture.  He didn't grow up with live Christmas trees, though, so I cut him some slack.  He doesn't complain too much, and I pretend to ignore that he looks unhappy with the whole process.  It works.

Well, this year showed me that the girls are much more like Michael than me.  Charlotte refused to be put down ~ when we tried she would pretend to try to walk and then belly flop onto the ground a la Randy from "A Christmas Story".  If she had more than 6 words, I'm sure she would have cried "I can't put my arms down!"  Well, Charlotte, you can put your arms down when we get back into the car!

Maya screamed every time we walked faster than 0.1 miles per hour, and asked to be carried the whole time (which didn't work, because at pretty much all times one of us was holding Charlotte and the other was holding the camera and the saw).  To her credit, she did try to help pick a tree...after her first several suggestions were rejected, Michael told her that she was learning "how decisions are made in this family" :P  Ok, so I'm a little picky when it comes to picking out Christmas trees everything, is that so bad?

Anyway, after the trauma that was picking out the tree, we did get to come home and decorate, and our house looks AMAZING! :)  I LOVE Christmas-time.  The Elf was put on the shelf, the stockings were hung, hot cocoa was sipped, the tree was ornamented, lights were placed around all of the windows, and now it just feels so nice and cozy :D

Next time I'll update on Craftember, but for now some pictures of our tree adventure! :)

The whole time, Charlotte looked like this...

...or this.

It didn't help that she kept angrily removing her mittens.

Pretending to give walking a shot...


She could have at least pretended to be having fun :P


I'm pretty sure she liked the cocoa!

Maya's contribution to the tree.  We kept telling her that ornaments would look great on other branches, too...she would acknowledge our advice and continue to add them to what can only be called "Maya's Ornament Extravaganza" :)

Maya decorated a Santa as her craft one day at preschool last week.  As you can see, she was liberal with the cotton balls!

Just in case you didn't get the full impact of the Santa.  Under all those cotton balls is a TON of glue.  Like, the paper was wet on the back.


picturingtheordinary said...

I LOVED this post! So funny and I am totally jealous of all your beautiful Christmas decorations. The first picture of Maya is AMAZING! Way to go!

Sarah said...

Aww thanks :) As you know, I have my awesome mother-in-law to thank for 90% of my decorations (and after-season deals for the past 6 years to thank for the rest! :)).

Laura Haren said...

i don't want to be creepy. but michael looks eerily like dad in that picture holding the tree. like i thought it was dad at first glance.

probably mostly because they have the same coat and hat.

and your tree looks awesome. :)