Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Craftember Days 2 and 3

Here are pictures for you :)  

On day 2 we made reindeer ~ the faces are the girlies' footprints, the antlers are their handprints (thanks for the idea, Rachael!).  I didn't get pictures of that part because it's a little stressful trying to trace and cut out hands and feet of two toddlers while they are SO EXCITED about doing a fun new craft!  With MARKERS!  And GOOGLE EYES!!!  

Maya started to write "Charlotte" but ran out of space!

She wrote it on the back instead.

On Day 3 we made a Christmas Tree.  There was much glitter and glitter glue involved.

Maya adding her finishing touch

More to come...

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picturingtheordinary said...

I totally forgot to tell you how excited I was when I clicked on your blog this morning and saw the snow flake background! Very cool! I can't wait to see pictures from today!!! Maya did such a good job and was SO cute (basically she was the best and cutest one there)!!! You should be a very proud mommy!