Monday, January 10, 2011

The Last Christmas Post (for 2010, anyway! :))

Ya, ya, I know it's 2011.  But *Christmas* was in 2010.  Our final trip for the holidays was to my dad's house, and we had a great time!  The girlies were spoiled with love, attention and gifts, and Michael and I were, too!  My dad and stepmom surprised me with an external flash for my camera which I am LOVING.  And my sister gave me a book about photography, which is awesome ~ and while I will admit that I haven't *read* a lot of the book, I am loving looking at the pictures (and will certainly get around to reading it at some point :D).  Fun times were had by all :D

Photo credit goes to Michael.  I think this picture could easily be featured in "Meat" magazine ;)

Maya was as excited for Charlotte's gifts as she was for her own! :)

I cannot easily explain the level of excitement Mary had upon receiving "The Shark".  FINALLY she will have clean bathroom floors.  Phew! 

As you can see, Eric was *thrilled* with his brand new Swim & Splash Mermaid Dora

Michael's favorite gift, though he is a little worried that the giraffe is going to come alive in the middle of the night like that creepy clown in the USPS commercial.

More dress-up clothes!  She wears this dress for several hours each day.

You can't tell easily here, but Maya is attempting to dress Charlotte like a princess, as well.
Fortunately Charlotte escaped.  That was a close one! :)


Michael Haren said...

Very nice pics. And yes, that giraffe scared the bejeezus out of me the other night.

And I had to look up the clown video (awesome)

Laura said...

Michael looks OUTRAGEOUS riding that giraffe.

Which is mildly ironic since he just tried to convince me that I was the one obsessed with giraffes. I can safely say I do not own, nor have i ever voluntarily owned, a stuffed giraffe - no matter the size.

picturingtheordinary said...

The pictures in this post totally made me laugh!

p.s. thanks for wearing out Isabella--she's been asleep since we got home :)