Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maya the Fashionista, and An Interesting Conversation

My friends and I often joke about how often our kiddos change outfits, so I've definitely recognized that Maya changes several times per day.  But, until today I think I didn't really grasp just how often it *really* is.  Because I somehow convinced Maya to help me clean the house today ("Maya!  Let's play 'Mary Poppins' and put on aprons and march around and clean the house!!!!! :D :D :D"), I had to come up with jobs that she could actually do all by herself.  Laundry didn't *really* need done, but I had her go ahead and do it anyway ~ from ONE day's worth of ONLY MAYA'S laundry (I'm not exaggerating here), I folded:

1 pair of pajamas
3 skirts
3 pairs of pants
4.5 pairs of socks (the other .5 pair of socks was in her drawer, clean...not sure how that happened)
2 pairs of tights
3 pairs of underwear
3 t-shirts
3 sweaters
1 dress

Missing from this was one outfit that I caught her in the act of changing and made her refold and put back in her drawer.  Also missing are the countless "dress-up" outfits that she wears but don't get put in with the laundry.  And I wonder why I always have piles and piles of laundry to wash!


On a pretty much daily basis, Maya has a conversation with me about the baby she has in her belly (I think it started when Sierra was pregnant with Isaac).  Often the baby is 3 years old and named "Jillian"...which is a little bit strange because the only Jillian she knows IRL is actually 4...but I digress.  Today's conversation was extra fun so I thought I'd share it!

Maya ~ Mommy, did you know I have a baby in my belly?
Me ~ Yes, Maya, actually I did know that!
Maya ~ Mommy, can you say "what's your baby's name?"?
Me ~ What's your baby's name?
Maya ~ Well my baby is a husband.
Me ~ ???
Maya ~ My baby is a baby and a husband and can you say, "what's your husband's name?"?
Me ~ What's your husband's name.
Maya ~ I have a baby in my belly and his name is Baby Jesus.  And there is a manger for him because he's a baby and he is my husband.

Um, ya.  That one *might* be shared with her first serious boyfriend (I kid, I kid ;)).




Laura said...

First of the small three!!! Favorite ever!!! It's so silly!

Sarah said...

Haha thanks Laura :D I'll email you the original and the B&W (so you can have it in a regular size).