Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sickness and Snow

In a typical week, I take anywhere from 100-1000 pictures, depending on what fun activities we have going on.  This past week, I'm pretty sure I took about 5.  We had an amazingly terrible stomach virus hit all 4 of us ~ Charlotte on Sunday followed by Michael and Maya on Tuesday.  I didn't have it nearly as bad but was definitely not feeling 100% for several days in a row, and I'm pretty our whole family survived on Gatorade and crackers!  We have been washing and washing and washing laundry ~ Charlotte doesn't have very good aim, so Sunday was the worst, when we literally washed 2 down comforters, a duvet, 2 sets of sheets, a mattress covering, and 3 quilts (all in addition to clothing washed).  In case you were curious, this is what half of that looks like:

Charlotte spent a whole lot of time like this for 2 days, poor thing:

But now we are all back to healthy!  I tried to make up for the lack of picture taking today, but it's just so gross outside and I am feeling very unmotivated.  Tonight after dinner, I finally pulled out the camera.  Michael and the girls were playing "hide from mommy" and just as I was about to get some silly pictures of the game, Charlotte bashed her head into Maya's nose, causing much drama!  I did take some pictures of the whole scene, but Maya looks so distraught in most of them that I feel too guilty to post many!
Charlotte immediately after the incident.  You can tell she is really upset by what has just happened.

Maya feeling sad.  You can't tell but her lip is sticking out so far I'm surprised it didn't fall off!

Maya has decided that "smile" means "stick out your tongue."  Tonight I actually asked her if she could please smile without her tongue hanging out, and she said, "no."  Silly girl :)


Wouldn't it be awesome if this was how bedtime actually went?


 In reality, shortly after that scene Charlotte jumped off the bed and headed into the bathroom to play with soap (her new favorite activity).  She is still awake (at 10:47pm)

"Charlotte, can you show me your eyes?"

She *almost* fell asleep doing this puzzle...but apparently got a second wind.  Then Michael and I had ice cream which she insisted on sharing, so that probably didn't help with the whole bedtime thing!  Good thing we don't care much about a schedule!



Michael Haren said...

I count myself lucky to be alive after our week.

picturingtheordinary said...

I'm glad you all survived such a horrible week!