Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birth! At Home! Pictures!

I still haven't written Milo's birth story.  There is so much to share and so much for me to process and so little time to do it all (why didn't anyone tell me how little free time I'd have with 3 kids??? ;)).  His birth was amazing and a process and so different than the previous two, yet the same in many ways.  I definitely had the same feeling of "OMG get this freaking baby out of me RIGHT NOW!!!" at some points, and also tried to praise God for the blessing that it is to be able to bring a baby into this world.  Each contraction brought joy and pain, sometimes noise (and with that, many curious small people!).  The weeks leading up to his birth were wrought with frustration and impatience, but in the end, God's timing (as always) was perfect and I was able to experience abundant support and love as Milo took his sweet time arriving.

Looking back through these pictures brings back a flood of emotion, and I am so thankful for my best friend and amazing photographer Sierra for not only being present at Milo's (and Charlotte's) birth, but also for documenting it in such a beautiful way.  She captured the emotion I was feeling, all the while providing gentle support and encouragement.

Adrianne and Jamie were also in attendance at Milo's birth, and were so amazing with Maya and Charlotte.  I didn't know if I would want everyone actually present and in the room as Milo was born, but in the end I was feeling the need for the support, and can't imagine his entrance into the world being any more perfect than it was, surrounded by friends.

Michael was a rock star.  He told jokes and made me laugh until I told him to stop.  He encouraged me.  He pretty much never left my side for the entire labor.  He took his job of "rice sock holder" seriously (and I am pretty sure I wouldnt' have survived labor without the rice sock...the thing is amazing).  He told me that everything was fine even when I suspected (and he feared) that it wasn't.  All in all he was the perfect support person.

More detailed birth story to come (probably :)), but for now, pictures.

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