Friday, November 4, 2011

How Big Is Milo?

So Big!

2 Month Stats:
13lb 15.5oz
24.75 inches

He is the average weight of a 3 month old and the average height of a 4 month old!  No wonder his 3-6 month clothes are fitting quite snugly!  I imagine we'll have to break out the next size here soon.  The only "concern" Dr. Phelps had is that he doesn't try to lift his head when you pull up his arms when he's laying down...but followed that by telling me that it's common in 3rd babies because they're held so much and don't get the exercise that the first and possibly second do :)  So not a concern, and if the only problem we have is that Milo is held too much, we don't have a problem at all :)

More on this later, but today Maya had a *major* anger outburst.  Triggered by my telling her that we needed to leave a friend's house in a couple of minutes, she was screaming at me, even hit and kicked me (though when she did that I could tell it surprised even her).  I remained surprisingly calm through it, first removed her from the situation, and when that didn't work, took her outside to the car and asked her to get herself strapped in while I went back in to get Milo and Charlotte.  After she had calmed down, we were talking about what had happened and I asked her what she thought we could do differently next time so that it didn't happen again.  Her response?  "You could just not be so mean to me" :)  I'm totally mean to her all the time, as you can imagine, so I'll be working on that ;)  


Milo as a newborn, taken by Sierra Hampl

Milo at 2 months

Milo at 2 months, being all smooth with his friend Lily

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picturingtheordinary said...

Yay for Milo growing so fast!!! And really, you definitely need to work on being nicer to Maya. ;)