Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stickers and Sad Faces

My dad and stepmom got Maya some wall stickers for her birthday, and they were quite the hit!  She put the butterfly ones in her bedroom (that is the "theme" in there :)) and the flowers in the playroom.  They make the rooms very cheery!  Such a cool idea, as the girlies LOVE stickers, and I love the fact that they come off (unlike the glue that Maya used to hang a picture a couple of months ago...that one took the paint off with it when removed!).  I promised my dad and stepmom that I'd send pictures, and I took a LOT of the process and finished product...and when I uploaded them, realized my exposure settings on my camera were crazy off and all the pictures were extremely overexposed.  Like, it hurt my eyes to look at them!  I tried to salvage them in Aperture, but most went in the recycle bin :(  Here are the few I could save (not the best pics I've ever taken :P)!

Here are a couple of pictures that Maya took when we were outside one day ~ she is becoming quite the photographer! :)

I love this picture of Maya and I :D

Poor, poor Milo :(  He's got quite a good pouty face...

...though for comparison, here is Maya at the same age.  She looks so very distraught.  It's tough being a baby :)

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picturingtheordinary said...

It is definitely hard to be a baby! :) The picture of you and Maya is so cute! Those stickers are a great idea. My mom gave some to Isabella today, so I'm sure we'll have fun with those tonight!