Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pigeon Forge

2 years ago my sisters and I decided that instead of buying my mom specific gifts for Christmas, we'd plan a trip or event to all do together (Mom, Mary, Katie, me and all the kids).  The first year we went to the "Women of Faith" conference in Cleveland, and had a great time!  This year we went to Pigeon Forge, TN and had a cabin in the mountains.  It was awesome!  Mare had discussion questions for us to answer (do you know about your mom's first kiss?  I know about my mom's, now!), the cousins played together and wore out their grandma (she said she needed a nap after the weekend was over!), and we all had a fun time just being together :)  I can't wait to do another trip next year!

This kiddo is chubbly!  He has his 2 month check tomorrow and I'm curious what the doctor will say about his thigh rolls and many chins!

Gatlinburg coffee shop we went to

Hoping those eyes stay blue!

pretty sure she's pinching him here ;)


We realized, after taking this shot (and the many many others that didn't turn out!) that Maya, Charlotte and Jacob are spaced almost exactly the same as my sisters and I were.  I don't know how my mom did it!

We stopped at a flea market on our way back because Milo was pretty well done with the car.  It turned out to be an old drive-in movie theater, so the kids got to run around, too.  Two birds, one stone. Boom.

Back at my sister's house in Kentucky

Group bath!!!

We celebrated Maya's birthday as a surprise for her.  I captured her face right as she realized why we were singing "Happy Birthday" <3


picturingtheordinary said...

Great pictures and what wonderful memories! I love all that babywearing going on too!!! :)

Mommy-of-Three said...

What a neat idea! I'm sure those are some memories you will keep forever!