Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Milo had Hair

When Milo was born, the two comments we got from almost everyone we met were:
1. He looks exactly like Michael! 
2.  He has so much hair!!!  I've never seen a baby with so much hair!  And it's so dark!  The girls didn't have dark hair did they???

He still looks just like Michael (all 3 kiddos do, really...Charlotte looks like a cross between Michael as a toddler and my sister).  But, his amazing dark hair pretty much fell out.  He still has some, but is a baldy for the most part :P

Sierra took newborn pics for us and they are amazing!  Check out her website if you're interested in having her take pics for your family (she also photographed Milo's birth, took our family picture last year, and took pics of the girlies earlier this year).

My favorite...his hair was so cool

Things 1, 2 and 3

Also, the girlies *did* have dark hair.  Not quite as thick as Milo's, but dark nonetheless.  Like his, theirs fell out within a couple of weeks.  His does seem to be coming in dark, so we'll see if it stays that way or goes blonde like theirs...

Maya, 1 day old

Charlotte, 2 days old

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