Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We Interrupt this Post to Bring You the WORST THING EVER (possible slight exaggeration)

Charlotte just came to the stairs to tell Michael and I that there was "something" in her bed.  Turns out the "something" meant a bath and new sheets and jammies.

On the one hand, holy wow do I not like stomach viruses.  They move through our little clan quickly and take us down one by one.  My house is not even remotely clean to begin with so disinfecting ALL THE THINGS is an extra super challenge. Charlotte just recently inched her way almost onto the bottom of the growth chart so any illness, and especially one that involves not-eating-and-throwing-up-repeatedly, will set her back.  It's almost 9:30pm so we could be up all night long just waiting for it to happen again.

On the other hand, we don't have any weekend plans and it might be nice to get the once yearly (oh please oh please let it be only once this year) stomach awfulness out of the way.

Still holding out hope that it was a fluke...

Unrelated, here is a poem that Maya made for me:

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