Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not My Favorite

I swear that Milo is not my favorite child (and also that I do not have a favorite), but he is definitely, currently, my favorite one to photograph.  He smiles for the camera, he sometimes even stands still (I take a lot of photos of the girls, but half of them end up blurry!).  Charlotte likes to frown and/or hide and/or try to look at the picture that I just took while I'm still taking the picture.  Maya likes to dance.  I think that could describe approximately 90% of her day, actually :)  As an aside, we even have a rule when we go into a grocery store ~ no dancing!  I've found that people don't find it cute when a 6-year-old accidentally dances into them :P  So anyway, Milo is my easiest-to-photograph child, so today you only have pictures of him and inanimate objects ;)

We are still in decorating mode and today we lit and ornamented the artificial tree in our office ~ yes, we do have an artificial tree ;)  Michael grew up with them, I grew up always going to cut down a fresh tree, so we've compromised and now do both.  We got it all set except for the tree topper before we left for church this morning, so we told the kids that whoever was the kindest and most helpful would get to put the topper on (nothing like a little competition to cool down the sibling rivalry, right? #sarcasm).  I bet you can guess who won ;)

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