Thursday, November 7, 2013

From the Folder on my Desktop Called "Random"

(pictures are all from my phone, so pardon the quality ;))

Charlotte's "scared" face looks an awful lot like "Sudden Clarity Clarence"

One of Milo's favorite things to do is sit on the counter and fill (and empty and refill) Michael's k-cup carousel

I think there is an invisible force field around the laundry basket that prevents children's clothing from actually making it inside

Nothing sweeter than cosleeping siblings

I truly hope that my kids are as close when they get older as Michael and I are with our sibs <3 p="">

Milo and his friend, just hangin out

Maya and her BFF, and their chickens.  I promise we did not coordinate their outfits, it just happened

Charlotte "helping" pick blueberries, just like Little Sal helps her mom in "Blueberries for Sal" ;)


Milo looks so little here!  Rest area on our way to the beach back in May :)

Chickens!  This was day 1 and they were kindof freaking out.  Now they roam about in Sierra's woods and give us lots and lots of delicious eggs :)

I <3 at="" ballet="" day="" p="" watch="">
Maya's class

Charlotte's class

Milo has learned how to pretend sleep.  It's awesome.  He's not yet sneaky enough to do it without smiling, though ;)

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