Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, part 2

Like I said in the previous post, Thanksgiving was great.  We had so much fun spending time with Michael's family, and each year that we host gets a bit easier and more relaxed (though I do always tend to have a last-minute breakdown, and this year was no exception, when the turkey finished a full HOUR AND A HALF before we expected ~ oops!).

When we were in high school, I thought Michael was a pretty awesome person who had a pretty awesome family.  That has been confirmed to me over and over throughout the 16+ years we have been together, and I am so thankful that they treat me as one of their own :)


Uncle Chris and Milo having a grand old time playing with snow (inside the house, even! :))

turkey, halfway done

I feel like a grown-up when it's my husband (instead of my father) carving the turkey.  He did a great job :)

Thankful for the people around the table

We went around the table and talked about what we were thankful for. We had the usual responses of family, health, relationship with God, travel, etc.  Charlotte, however, is thankful for her heart-shaped pin and a dime from her piggy bank.  She brought them to the table specifically to share that she is thankful for them :)  Oh, my sweet girl.  Please don't lose your awesomeness!

Getting ready to play round 2 of Munchkin ~ excellent game if you're into backstabbing ;)

Penny hung out with the kids so we could play ~ they watched "Return to Neverland" and were pretty much enthralled.

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