Sunday, November 3, 2013


Me: Grandma is going to babysit you guys so Daddy and I can go ice skating.
Milo: Ice Cream???  I want mine ice cream!


When I was in college I had a teensy bit of an obsession with ice hockey.  A whole group of us had season tickets for OSU Men's Ice Hockey, I knew everything about all the players, and I turned into a raving lunatic at the games.  OSU is known for its football team, but if you want to see the real talent and awesomeness, check out a hockey game sometime!

Michael, Shelley (our friend/roommate from college) and I also took not one but TWO ice skating classes, and we played on a D-league rec hockey team (D-league means you don't have to try out, and ability to skate is a bonus, not a requirement ;)).  I was terrible but it was so much fun ~ another thing I'd recommend to anyone at OSU!

When we were in college, I was absolutely convinced that my future-children would be hockey players.  Now that my "future-children" are actual living, breathing, tiny people, I've changed my tune a bit.  I prefer sports that don't involve fighting as entertainment and that have a lower risk of face-injury!  I do find tiny hockey players insanely adorable, though, so maybe...

Last night, Michael and I got to go on a date (thanks for babysitting, mom!) and we went ice skating ~ so fun!  It definitely made both of us reminisce about our college days :)  There was even a rec hockey game being played on one of the two rinks with approximately one other spectator, so we got to watch up close.

A few weeks ago Michael's company gave out tickets to the Lake Erie Monsters, and it happened to coincide with a visit from my dad and stepmom ~ we had a great time!

In conclusion: Hockey.  Watch it, play it, love it :)

On our way to the Lake Erie Monsters game ~ GO MONSTERS! :)

It was a bit loud when our team scored :)

Date Night!

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