Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Night (Morning) Lights

Michael: Milo, don't drink the bath water.
Milo: I drink it all!


Last year I blogged about putting our Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving, and it seems we've made it a tradition!  Michael took advantage of the 50-degree weather this morning and spent some time on the roof making our house more beautiful and festive.  Next weekend we'll get the tree and I CANNOT WAIT because we get to go to a tree farm this time!  The last couple years, for various reasons, we have gotten our tree at Lowe's.  One year we even bought a *fake* tree (for shame!)*, so I'm looking forward to stomping around the tree farm to find that perfect specimen of Christmas beauty :D

While Michael decorated our house, the kiddos rode bikes and ran around the yard and pretended to not understand instructions when I was trying to take a shot of the three of them together.  Good times :)

I hope you all had a great Saturday!  Signing off now to watch some more "Scandal".

Michael told me that he had "a healthy fear of falling", in case you were curious.

*no offense meant to the artificial-tree crowd ;)

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