Saturday, November 2, 2013

Patrick's Race

On the morning of the Akron Marathon, Patrick (my brother-in-law) asked Maya if I was going to win.
Maya: It's not like that, it's...well I don't really get it.


Two weeks ago Michael and I packed up the kids and headed to Newark/Columbus for the weekend to cheer on Patrick in his very first half-marathon!  If you are friends with me on facebook, you will know that I am SO STINKIN PROUD of him.  Selfishly, it's nice to have another runner in the family (though I'm training the kids, they're not quite to race distance yet ;)).  Unselfishly, I was just completely overwhelmed with pride for his accomplishment.  Running a half-marathon is no small feat!  The training is intense in both time and physical endurance, it's mentally tough to convince yourself you can do it, and you have to make a long-term commitment to something that most people around you probably don't really fully understand.  I think this video sums it up well (there is a bit of bad language in the last 20 seconds, be warned):

Patrick tells me that he's going to keep running, and I'mma hold him to it!  First up is the Turkey Trot at the end of this month, yay!  The girls are also signed up for that one and are both ridiculously excited. I've promised to make Charlotte a tutu for the race (she saw some of the runners at the C-bus marathon in tutus and wants one, too :))


We made shirts for "Team Patrick" :)

Patrick's adorable girlfriend Kayla.  She ran the C-bus half a couple years ago and finished in 2:37.  She challenged Patrick to beat her time.

Hey Sarah, here's an idea, have everyone stand right in the glare from the window!  That will make an awesome picture!

Laura's awesome shirt

Michael, of course!

I LOVE his expression in this one!
Proud mama :)  Her shirt (at Maya's insistence) said, "Oh my little son.  I love you." and on the back "Momma's Very Proud"

awwwwww :)

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