Monday, November 23, 2009

We were at Cleveland Clinic on Friday to get some more bloodwork done for Maya, and to visit Michael's uncle Mark. Kids aren't allowed beyond the lobby, so the girlies and I hung out and waited while Michael visited.

At pretty much every doctor's office or lab we've been to with Maya, they give the kids stickers as a sort of consolation prize (I wish I got treats for going to the doctor! :)). She usually gets one, gets excited, shows us her sticker a hundred times between the office in the car, and then promptly either loses it or eats it (yup ~ apparently stickers are yummy). But this time it was different. You see that sticker on her arm?

This picture was taken on Friday morning. It is Monday night, and that sticker JUST came off. She guarded that thing like a prized jewel. She bathed with her hand covering the sticker to protect it. We were at the doctor's office today and she had to take off her shirt for the doctor to listen to her chest, and she held her hand over the sticker the entire time. He tried to get her to show him, tried to get her to point at things, tried to ignore it; nothing worked. The sticker finally fell off sometime tonight and was gone when I got her ready for her bath. Good thing, because Michael joked that we were going to have to stealthily remove it in her sleep and replace it with a tattoo that looked like it (which, as you can guess of a 4 day old sticker, was none too pretty).

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