Sunday, November 29, 2009

Droid Does

I got a new phone today and it is awesome! Michael is impressed, too (which takes quite a lot for this kind of thing) so expect a post about it over on his blog sometime soon :D I like that it's fast, I can check my email/facebook/forums, I can take pictures, play music, etc. I strongly considered an iPhone, but switching to AT&T wasn't practical.

For about 4 years now, I have held that Google will take over the world. I think it's getting close :P

Ironically, I am writing this post on my computer, though. I can't get it to let me type in the large text box...I'm sure Michael will have it figured out in about a minute :)

Here is your picture for today ~ Charlotte met her cousin Unai (8 months old) for the first time on Thanksgiving. She wasn't sure what to think, but was pretty fascinated by another baby who is about her size (though of course a little bigger :)). The other two people in the picture are Michael's brother Bill and his wife Jen (Unai's parents).

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