Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is where it all began...

Michael and I started dating in the eighth grade (way back in 1997). The earliest picture I could find was this...I think it is the embodiment of the word "awkward":

That was our freshman year homecoming. That was also the night of our first kiss (don't tell my mom! :)).

While I'm at it, here are sophomore homecoming, junior prom, and senior prom (in that order)

(though it may look like it from our strange expressions, there was nothing scandalous going on)

(not sure what Michael is thinking...but it doesn't look good)

(I actually like this one ~ we look happy :))

We've come pretty far in the past 12 years (at the very least, we both have better hairstyles...though I'd hesitate to call what I have now a "style").

It's nice to have those pictures to look back on, but I much prefer where we are today :)

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