Friday, November 6, 2009

Blood, sweat, and tears (minus the sweat and tears)

Today we took Maya to the doctor to get some bloodwork done as we continue trying to figure out what foods she can and cannot eat. I was dreading it ~ vaccinations are quick and easy, one poke and you're done. With drawing blood, it's poke, then wait and wait and wait some more (to fill FOUR vials! Even I get squirmy when they have to take that much!). But, I found today that nursing a two year old has the added advantage that the blood draw was super easy! Latched her on, they did what they needed to do, and then she got a cool band-aid. Easy peasy :) Not to say that she *enjoyed* the needle being stuck in her arm, but there was no screaming or gnashing of teeth like I had anticipated (remember we are talking about a 2 year who has recently discovered the awesomeness of tantrums). She even asked tonight where her "headband" was...after much guessing I figured out that she was talking about the tourniquet they put on her arm. So, apparently the situation wasn't too traumatic. And, the nurse told me that she wished *all* of her draws were that easy :D

Along with the bloodwork for Maya, we also had Charlotte's 4 month well-baby visit (a double-whammy of a day!). She is perfect of course ~ she even rolled over for the doctor to show off her mad skillz.

Here is a picture of Maya ~ she was laying down watching some Milo and Otis