Friday, November 13, 2009

Did I Really Just Say That?

When you are a mom of a 2 year old, sometimes you say things that, even as they are coming out of your mouth, you know you will regret. But you say them anyway. And then you have to backpedal, or apologize, or both.

For example, you make threats that you could never follow through on:

"Maya, if you don't eat your breakfast, you can't nurse AT ALL today!"
~the problem here is that I will never follow through. And, the food issues I'm creating by forcing her to eat so that she can have special cuddle time with mommy? Oy.

"Maya, if you don't come here and put your shoes on right now, we aren't going to playgroup (or the park, or to see your friends, or to the library, etc.)!"
~playgroup (etc.) is as much for the moms as it is for the kids. We are going even if it means dragging her out of the house kicking and screaming. She could be wearing a onesie with snowboots and we would still go.

You say things that they start to repeat:

When I was changing Maya's diaper the other day, she said, "Holy crap, child! That's a lotta pooskies!". Um, ya. I've been working on saying "holy cow" or "holy moly" instead. I'm having about 50% success with that.

You say things that are just so utterly ridiculous that even the 2 year old figures that out:

I gave Maya some gross cereal the other day (in hopes that she wouldn't think it was gross). She took one bite, told me it was yummy, but then spent the rest of breakfast squeezing the cereal through her hands and spreading it around on her high chair tray. I said, "Maya! That is not appropriate behavior for a 2 year old!" Um yes, yes it is. It is completely expected and appropriate behavior for a 2 year old. Oops.

And finally, you say things that you never thought you would have to say:

"Maya, Jane (our dog) doesn't want you to ride on her right now" (like Jane ever wants Maya to ride on her?)

"Maya, Charlotte doesn't want you to put your fingers in her eyes (ears, nose, mouth, etc.)"

I'm sure as she gets older (and as Charlotte gets to be old enough that she does more than just sit/lay where we put her), it will only get more ridiculous :) At least I can laugh about it afterward!

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Michael Haren said...

I am amazed every day by our kids.