Monday, May 9, 2011

My Life is Practically Perfect in Every Way

These last few weeks have been, to put it lightly, busy.  Crazy, fun, hectic, chaotic, tiring, amazing, joyous, stressful, and just, busy.  We packed up all of our belongings and moved 2.5 miles away (big change, right? ;)).  2 days later, we left for a long weekend of fun with family, and returned last night to a house full of boxes that need unpacked, laundry that needs washed, dishes that need cleaned (seriously don't get me started on the dish issue we're having here...I could be abandoning my hippie ways for paper plates soon!), children that desperately needed some downtime and sleep, husbands (well, one husband) that needed to relax before going back to work after a week off, and myself who was feeling extremely blessed that we have an awesome home to come home to despite all of the above.

On our way home yesterday, Michael and I were talking about the long list of things that needed to be done this week before we list our house for sale.  We got home and were amazed to find that one of the most important things on our list (mow our lawn at the new house so the neighbors don't hate us!) had been done!  We couldn't figure it out, and then saw a note on our door ~ our AMAZING best friends, Walter and Sierra, had mowed our lawn as a housewarming gift!  So awesome!  After finishing, Walter apparently told Sierra that we need to get a riding mower, lol :)  We are so blessed and so thankful!

Here is a quick recap of the past few weeks since I've blogged:

Easter was super fun, and both girls really enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs.  They continue to hide plastic eggs around our house and make me look for them, and when Maya found out we were going to Penny's this past weekend wanted to know if we could have another Easter egg hunt.  We also made "Resurrection Rolls" like last year, and it was so cool to see Maya's face when she opened her roll to find "marshmallow Jesus" was missing.  She looked at me with giant eyes, and when I asked her where he went, it clicked in at least a small way and she said, "with God!" :D

Packing up our house went more smoothly than I had expected.  One of the first things we packed was about 95% of the girlies' toys (mostly because they wanted to help, and that was the easiest thing to have them help with!).  It was amazing to find what they would play with!  Maya's favorite "toy" for that week was a bag of cotton balls and a container of toothpicks.  She played with them for literally hours each day ~ I should take away all of their toys more often!  When almost everything in the whole house was packed, she spent time outside individually watering all of the dandelions :)

Moving went well ~ I want to offer a shout-out to all of our helpers: Sierra, Beth, Rachael, Adrianne, Eric, Mark, Peter, Max, Emmanuel, Daniel and Bridget.  We couldn't have done it without you guys!  We owe you big time!

This past weekend, Michael had a conference in Columbus on Friday, so we drove down Thursday after preschool and stayed the night at a hotel.  We met Michael's mom and brother for dinner, and then the next day the girls and I went to COSI with my mom while Michael was at his conference.  The girls LOVED trying to find all the geckos in the gecko exhibit, playing with water in the Ocean exhibit, and playing with all the cars and balls and dolls in the Kid's Center.  That night we went to Newark and hung out with Michael's mom and sister.  Michael and I kicked butt in bid euchre ;)  On Saturday the girlies and I went to my step-sister's wedding shower where the girls loaded up on sugar and ran circles around the hall where the shower was (and I am not exaggerating ~ they were literally running in circles!).  That night we hung out at Michael's mom's house again (and kicked butt at bid euchre again).  

Sunday, Mother's day, was the day that Maya has been waiting for since Christmas ~ we went to see Mary Poppins.  Dude, Maya's reaction to the whole show did not disappoint even a little bit.  She woke up and the first thing she said was, "Mommy!  I think Mary Poppins is waiting for us!"  All morning she was talking about it, and after getting the girlies all dolled up in their fancy clothes, we were off.  From the first moment, both girls were enthralled.  Maya was dancing, Charlotte was singing and saying "I see Mary Poppins!" over and over and over, and both were amazing during the show.  At one point Maya held up her dress and Chris asked her what she was doing.  Her response?  "I'm showing my dress to Mary Poppins!"  On our way home, she asked if we could go see Mary Poppins again for her birthday :)  Penny got Maya a parrot head umbrella (a la Mary Poppins, of course!) and Charlotte a carpet bag purse, and they have been carrying them around since we got home.  I was excited about the show, but getting to see the excitement through Maya made it even better.  Oh to be 3 years old!

Now we're back home, some of our "to-do" list items have been checked off, the girlies are both sleeping, and I need to follow their lead!  But of course, pictures...


Maya with her new bike helmet, courtesy of the Easter Bunny :)

She wore it all morning!

The girlies at the hotel, watching "Dinosaur Train" for the first time.

At COSI.  Reminded me of Dwight Schrute.


First meal in our new house ~ Moe's!  Charlotte and Maya both ate theirs open-faced.  Charlotte chose to use her hands rather than a fork :P
Second meal in the new house ~ spaghetti.  She used a fork this time...mostly.


While we were playing cards the first night at Penny's, we looked over and the girls were being ADORABLE, coloring together, sharing crayons, and generally being content with their new coloring books.  Of course we had to pull out the camera to try to capture the moment!  In reviewing the pictures I just had to laugh, as they both look like this whole coloring-and-sharing process was torturous :P  Every picture we have they have the same angry, sad, sour expressions!

Katie with her "mini"




She took "don't touch the grass!" very seriously!

About half the time, Charlotte runs with her arms above her head :P


Laura said...

That was a slick move there, lying and everything. Mom and I totally beat you guys friday night at bid euchre. Set the story straight.

Also, the picture of Charlotte in the box is ADORABLE.

picturingtheordinary said...

There are so many pictures that I love: Maya watering dandelions (so funny), Charlotte eating noodles, the girls coloring with angry faces, and so many more!

I'm glad Michael gave you the week off ;) and that you got a chance to blog!

Sarah said...

Laura I have no idea what you are talking about :)