Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo Shoot, Bare Feet

The girlies were looking especially cute today (in my obviously unbiased opinion) so I tried to stage a quick photo shoot before heading to church.  It started out like this:

Holy bad exposure, Batman!  Sorry you have to witness that!

Well, that clearly wasn't going to work!  I told Maya to put her arm around Charlotte, so she put it around Charlotte's neck.  Um, no :)  So I moved her arm to under Charlotte's armpit, and then she thought it would be silly to pick Charlotte up, then they both started laughing, and the rest of the shoot was PERFECT! :)

**note to self ~ do not take pictures in front of a window unless shooting a silhouette ~ live and learn ;)**


After church, while I was making dinner, the girlies asked if they could please go outside without any shoes on.  Yes, yes you may :)  I love how much they love playing outside!  And while I've always enjoyed cooking, I am liking it even more lately now that I can hear the girls laughing and playing outside through the open window and screen door <3


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