Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, Charlotte (ramblings)

My silly little girl :)  She is growing much much too fast for my comfort, and in less than 6 weeks she will be turning 2 (what???!!!  I know.).  She tries to be very independent, but every once in a while, like this morning when the housekeeper came to clean our hotel room, she shows her sweet side and just wants to cuddle with me while big sister entertains (and entertain she did...I think she used up all of her words in the 15 minutes the cleaning person was here, and also got to "help" make the beds and clean the mirrors).  Yesterday after naptime, I realized how big she is becoming when I asked her to point to her nose.  She looked at me funny, like "why would I want to do that?" when she used to point at it, beep, and giggle.  She desperately wants to be big enough to do things like push elevator buttons, but alas she has been blessed with small stature, so it seems that it will be quite a while before she is tall enough.  Two Charlotte stories...


We were practicing colors this morning by me picking out markers from the art supplies bag.  After missing the first 5 colors, she apparently was getting discouraged and needed a win.  I pulled one out and said, "what is it?"  She said, "um, a marker."  She gave me a silly look, too, so I know she knew what I was actually asking ;)


After lunch today, I let the girlies have a granola bar each and then asked them to put on their "nap jammies".  Maya came out of the room a few minutes later and was reading a book in her chair, when I realized that Charlotte was being much too quiet.  I went back to check on her and found this:

She tried *so hard* to put on her own jammies, but just couldn't get it quite right :P

That's the granola bar she had been eating.

And if you look in her hand closely...

You'll see the rest of it :)  You can't tell from the pictures very well, but she has her shirt around her waist, and both legs in one pant leg.  Don't worry, after getting pictures I put her on the bed and took off her jammie bottoms :)

I suppose she can still be my sweet little baby for at least a little while longer :)

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