Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring and Parks and Friends, Oh, My!

This week has been amazing!  I'm loving the sunshine and warm weather, and the girls are so happy to just be able to play outside for a change!  Grandma and Grandpa sent the girlies some gardening tools, and they were happy to dig in the mulch outside.  Maya picked beautiful flowers from our yard and "replanted" them in the mulch...she kept asking me to make "flower beds" which basically entailed me digging out a square of mulch and then her laying the flowers in them, as if she were laying them in bed :)

The last two days we've also gone to the park and met with friends ~ have I said before how much I love the park and friends?  Cause I love the park and friends!

Pictures :)





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PaceFamilyGirl said...

looks like fun! Lincoln would love to have a playdate with Maya too before we leave!!!