Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick Maya Post

I don't have a whole long post with a lot of pictures today, but wanted to share two Maya tidbits before I forget them forever :)

Tidbit #1

With the upcoming arrival of Baby #3, Maya has been very interested in birth.  We have talked a lot about how she was born in a hospital even though Charlotte was born at home and the new baby will be born at home ~ that no she wasn't sick and mommy wasn't sick, just that most people have babies in hospitals (just not cool people like Michael and I ;)).  The other day:

Maya: Mommy, was I born in a hospital or on a farm?
Me: Um, a farm?  No, you were born in a hospital.
Maya: Because I was very sick?
Me: No, you weren't sick, you were just born there and then we got to bring you home.
Maya: Well, when I was born I was just very sick and very sad and VERY tiny.  I cried all the time.  ALL the time.  And I was very small and VERY cute.  And I wore a beee-you-tiful dress.

Silly girl :)

Tidbit #2

This is Maya and Isabella doing the "you are my best friend forever" dance :)

Happy Tuesday :)

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