Friday, November 9, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 9

Today Milo, once again, spent 94% of his awake time today crying.  My mom is coming up tomorrow night and is watching the kids for us so that we can go to Bible study, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna RUN outta here!  Charlotte ended up catching Milo's germs, which is so sad because she just will randomly lay down on the floor.  She spent 9 straight hours on the couch yesterday (got up 2x to use the bathroom but otherwise was in pretty much one spot).  The amazingly awesome thing about having older kids who get sick is that they really just want to sleep and be left alone (at least Charlotte does), with the occasional cuddle.  I'll take that over Screamy McCrabbypants any day!  I called our pediatrician after a particularly rough night Wednesday (read: no sleep and lots of screaming and flailing because Milo wouldn't nurse because his throat hurts).  The very (not) helpful nurse told me to give him Motrin, and when I told her that wasn't working and asked if I could use one of the numbing sprays, she told me that he probably doesn't need it because this (the illness) won't last much longer.  This is the same nurse that told me to let him start "self-soothing" so I take her advice with a grain of salt ;)  I asked my mom friends for help, and one suggested honey, which does seem to take the edge off (and bonus, since it's so sticky he can't spit it out like he was doing with everything else!).  So, if you have a child with hand-foot-mouth disease (NOT the same as hoof and mouth disease), try honey to soothe their sore throat :)  Yay natural remedies!

I haven't taken any pictures with my camera for a few days.  Being house-bound makes me feel less motivated to break it out, so here are some more pictures from my phone...ignore the quality and enjoy my beautiful kiddos ;)

My new razor from Dollar Shave Club!  4 blades a month for $6, and they send it to your house!  Michael has been using their blades for several months now.  Check out this link (full disclosure ~ that's a referral link)
Dollar Shave Club

Maya built a castle for her people

If only the princess pillow had magical princess powers to make him sleep...

How Charlotte spent most of yesterday

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