Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Favorite

A couple of days ago we visited the Cuyahoga Falls Library.  We normally frequent Kent Free Library (LOVE that place, for real, I felt a little guilty going to another library!), but I was looking for a specific video for the kids and Cuyahoga Falls has a pretty intense selection.  While we were there, I told Maya that we could see if they had any Fancy Nancy books that they don't have at the Kent library.  We left with 5 books we've never read before, which as you can imagine was incredibly exciting.  Maya shared her good fortune with the children's librarian as we were leaving.

Maya: "We're getting five Fancy Nancy books.  Fancy Nancy is my favorite book to read."
Me: (motioning to Maya's outfit of twirly skirt, purple leggings, red cowgirl boots) "as you can see ;)"

This was a different day, but an equally fancy outfit.