Friday, November 23, 2012

Play Dough

I'm not a fun mom. I always thought I would be, but really I'm pretty boring, and the busyness of just keeping the house looking halfway decent takes up a lot of my "free" time. I set up crafts for the kids and acknowledge their awesomeness, but rarely get involved in the process.

So, I surprised even myself by doing not one but TWO fun things with the kids this week - making snowflakes from coffee filters (thank you Pinterest) and playing with play dough. The kids were unimpressed with my mad skills, and Maya was definitely confused as to why rapunzel had a purplish brown streak in her hair (because, sweet child, you mixed all the colors together so everything is a varying shade of brown), but I had fun :)

Now the play dough has been put away, the kids fed, bathed, jammied and read to, and it's time to watch a movie that doesn't involve talking backpacks or Lord Melory.

I hope ya'll had a wonderful day-after-Thanksgiving!

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