Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Balloon Fair, Etc.

Memorial Day weekend was a lot of fun! We were busy busy, but the extra day gave us just enough time to relax and recuperate! :)

On Saturday we went to the Chagrin Falls Blossom Time Balloon Festival.

We saw the rides, which seem an awful lot scarier than they did when I was younger! Maya asked what they were. Let me introduce you to:

"Never in a Million Years"

"The one that makes Mommy sick just by watching it"

and "The Death Stick"

After shattering all Maya's hopes of ever riding any carnival rides, we walked down to where they would be launching the balloons.

We met up with Sierra and her family.

Maya and Isabella shared some snack ~ I think that sometimes they are more excited about the crackers than anything else!

Then we watched lots and lots of balloons launch. I assure you I have MANY more pictures than this, but I imagine my readers are more interested in babies than balloons!

That night, Charlotte was super stinky after being outside all day, and needed a bath. Turns out she still fits in the sink! And, although she screams pretty much constantly in the bathtub, the sink suited her just fine :)

The next morning, the girls both slept in, and when we got up Michael decided that we needed to eat waffles for breakfast! Maya (as always) helped, and had her baby in a sling the whole time.

Be still my heart!


LauraHaren said...

The couple with Maya and Isabella are SUPER cute. Especially where Isabella is leaning on Maya. And Charlotte should be allowed to live in the sink - it's obviously what makes her life complete. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks :D And yes, Charlotte does get ultra excited when it looks like she'll get a sink bath. I'm starting to wonder if she is purposefully messy at dinner for that reason! :)