Monday, June 7, 2010

My Beautiful Children

Michael and Maya went to the store tonight, and Michael gave Maya 15 cents of the change he got back. She was so proud of her money, and at dinner time we explained to her about tithing. Michael went into as much detail as you can with a 2-year old, and I fully expected it to go over her head, but she actually got it! On Sunday morning, you will see one very excited little girl happily place 2 cents in the offering plate, "because God gave us the money and we give it back to Him" :) After this conversation, out of the blue she said "God made Larry the Cucumber special!" So we talked about who else God made special, and she named Daddy, Mommy and Charlotte before naming herself (and then also named her friend Kendall :)). Our nightly prayer that our children will grow to know about and love God is being granted, and it is so amazing to see happening! They are beautiful creations, both inside and out :)


Jennifer Norch said...

It certainly is wonderful when we get to witness those "A-ha!" moments in our children!

Beautiful pictures (as always!)

LauraHaren said...

Umm, both this post and the one with Maya and Isabella fighting are adorable. I think her learning about God is totally awesome. Also, that she knows the key things like Larry the cucumber being special. :) That made me laugh outloud.