Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Water Babies

I'm guessing this will be a theme of our summer!

Michael searched in the garage last night and found a baby float that we bought for Maya when we went to NC when she was 9 months old. It has a slow leak, but it does the job. Charlotte LOVES it.

When we first got to the wading pool, she wasn't so sure and was staying near the edge.

But, once she figured out that she could propel herself around and not fall into the water with every step, she took off!

For Maya, I tried out the arm floaties, and they gave her even MORE confidence than she already had.

She kept flopping herself into the water and saying, "MOMMY!!!!! I'm SWIMMING!!!!!"

Maya also did a good job of protecting Charlotte (ie. being bossy!). When other little kids would try to touch Charlotte's float, Maya would paddle over and make sure they knew that Charlotte was *her* sister. As you can imagine, Maya is quite intimidating (sarcasm). But they actually had fun together, which is becoming a more and more frequent occurrence :)

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everydaysnapshots said...

I love the last picture where Charlotte is smiling at Maya!