Saturday, June 12, 2010

"When you think it might be poison..."

I suppose I should count it as a blessing that we made it over 2.5 years without having to call poison control.
One-eight-hundred, two-two-two, one two-two-two.
One-eight-hundred, two-two-two, one two-two-two.
If you think it might be poison
Then the first thing you should do
Call: One-eight-hundred, two-two-two, one-two-two-two.
Maya liked to chew on things when she was a baby ~ books, toys, games ~ but she was never one to put random objects in her mouth that she found on the ground.
Poison is the kind of thing you’re not supposed to touch
Old prescriptions, cleaning stuff, or spider bites and such
If you swallowed something bad,
or think you took too much
Call the Poison Control Center Hotline
We’re the people you can trust.
But Charlotte, well, she's a different story. I'm constantly fishing things out of her mouth. Some of the worst offenders have been crabapple berries from our front yard, red paint (glad I knew about that one going in, otherwise I'd have been quite concerned with what came out! :)), a grape stolen from Maya's high chair tray, and a butter toffee coated peanut (guess who gave her that one?).
For poison emergencies or just questions
-- the Poison Control Center Hotline is here 24/7,
with the expert help you need. Free and confidential.
We hope you never need us. But keep our number
by the phone…
But Wednesday night took the cake. While we were busy watching Maya "play soccer", Charlotte was busy finding mushrooms in the soccer field. And eating them. Michael cleared her mouth of one that was in all sorts of chewed up disarray, but we have no idea how much she actually ate because she's a sneaky little bugger! At first we were all, "no big deal! She eats grass and dirt all the time!" But ya'll know I had to google "my baby ate a mushroom" when we got home. Which led to Michael out in the soccer field at 10:30pm with a flashlight and a Pyrex container trying to collect the offending mushrooms. A quick call to poison control assured us that what she ate was most likely a "Little Brown Mushroom" or "LBM" (I'm not joking ~ that's what they're called!) and not poisonous. Phew!

While I'd like to think that will be our first AND last call to poison control, I have a feeling that Charlotte will be keeping us on our toes.

Good think we heard this jingle on NPR a while back! Give it a listen ~ I guarantee you'll be humming it for the next day or so! :)
One-eight-hundred, two-two-two, one-two-two-two.
One-eight-hundred, two-two-two, one-two-two-two.
If you think it might be poison
And you don’t know what to do
Call: One-eight-hundred, two-two-two, one-two-two-two.

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