Saturday, June 19, 2010

Of Pools and Flowers

One of the greatest summertime features of our area in NE Ohio is the awesome (free!!!) wading pools.

They are the perfect depth for Maya to splash around in, not too deep for Charlotte to stand but deep enough that she'll be able to float around in an innertube (just as soon as I find her one! :)), and small enough that I can easily keep an eye on both of them.

And did I mention that they're free? Cause they're free.

We went for our first trip of the season a couple of days ago, and the girls, as expected, had a blast.

I imagine we will be frequent visitors!

And here are a couple of pics of the girlies from our visit to Mare's house. Maya found a flower to pick and was excited to show it to Daddy.

Charlotte, as usual, was happy to just be held and look around. She is quite the little explorer, but occasionally prefers to view the world from the safety of Mommy's or Daddy's arms :)

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