Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm working on a post about Michael's dad's wedding from this weekend ~ Maya was a flower girl and was pretty stinkin cute in my not-so-humble opinion! Of course the bride and groom looked wonderful as well :D In the meantime, while I sift through my hundreds of pictures, here are just a few :) Larry (Michael's dad) has a pool and it was basically all Maya could talk about from the time she saw it until we FINALLY got in late-ish Friday evening. She is getting quite brave when it comes to the pool!

It was dark outside, so some of the pictures aren't that great. But, sometimes it's more important to capture the moment than to take a perfect photo!

That same night, I had to get out of the pool with Charlotte (poor little thing doesn't have enough body fat to stay warm in the water! :)), so I got to watch some fun little contests that Michael and his siblings had. It would appear that catching a ball mid-air is a little more challenging than jumping through an innertube!


(Go Chris!)

Almost, Patrick! Better luck next time! Maybe Michael can get it?

So close...yet so far :P

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everydaysnapshots said...

wow, she is definitely brave! can't wait to see the wedding pics! --Sierra