Saturday, June 5, 2010

The One Where My Nephew Is Born!!!

I am SO excited!!! My sister Mary and her husband Jason just welcomed their first baby, a boy, into the world! He is quite adorable and I am basically itching to go meet him! Mary, of course, looks beautiful and glowy and all that too :) This parenting thing is a blast, and I'm excited that Mare and Jason are getting to start the fun journey.

Jacob Holden Storie was born on June 4th at 5:38pm
8lb 5oz

Congratulations, guys!

(Credit for all the pics goes to Josh Storie, Jason's brother. Thanks Josh!!!)

The new family:

Wide eyed!

Proud new daddy:

Beautiful new mama :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these pics, sarah! mary DOES look wonderful, and jacob is AMAZING! i'm so proud to say that i know your wonderful family! much love to you all! <3 haley

The Moseley Family said...

yeh!! congrats to your entire family!! what a beautiful baby boy and family! yeh,i am following your blog now!! :)