Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Party Hijinks

Ok, there weren't *actually* any hijinks, but I thought it was a fun title! We had Maya's birthday party today, and can you even believe that it was almost 80 degrees on the 2nd weekend in October???!!! I can't either! But it was awesome. Our house isn't super-tiny-we-can-never-have-people-over-ever, but it also is not so comfortable when we start adding lots of adults to our living room. So it was so great that we could be outside and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze on what may just have been the last nice weekend of the year. This is the 4th year in a row that it has been nice around Maya's birthday (the day she was born, and the 3 birthday parties since then, have all been on unseasonably warm days!). I joked today that next year it will probably snow. But I'd be ok if it doesn't so I hope that joking about it was sortof like knocking on wood. Just in case, knock on wood! :)

When Maya turned 1, I had a serious case of I-must-do-everything-all-by-myself syndrome. Serious. Her birthday party was amazing and I cried that day (more than once I'm sure) and all that, but man is that exhausting! This year, I gladly shared the reins with my mom, and holy moly did she come through! The potato salad? All her. The frosting on the cake and cupcakes? Her. The clean house and children, Maya's cute hair, Charlotte's clean bottom? Her. Dude. Not sure how I would have done it without her! Thanks, mom! My mom and stepdad (Jim) also took Maya to the Farmpark for a special birthday trip with Grandma and Grandpa, but that is a post for Maya's blog! Hopefully she and I will get to that tomorrow afternoon :)

We had a great time today with all of our family that visited, missed everyone who couldn't make it, and hope that those of you who were sick are feeling better soon!
And now, of course, some pictures of our day!
Maya got princess glasses AND princess shoes (5 pairs!) AND a princess purse AND a princess book with microphone for her birthday.  I bet you'll never guess what she'll want to be for Halloween!
Penny, my Mother-in-Law, designed the fabric and pattern for this hopscotch quilt!  How cool is that???  I know the picture's not great...but I'm sure it will be featured in an upcoming post.  I'm thinking, "the one where Maya hops on one foot" :)
Patrick, his sweet girlfriend Sydney, and Maya.  Maya is rocking her sunglasses and princess shoes.
Michael was the grillmaster!
Maya doing her make-up

Aunt Katie and her mini-me
Trying to light the candles.  Unfortunately the awesome breeze, while great for keeping us cool, was not so awesome for lighting candles.  We ended up just pretending :)  I'm not sure Maya realized the difference!
Michael being silly.  Check out the princess tiara.  Hottttt.
Yup.  I made everyone wear party hats during cake!
Charlotte took her hat off.  Didn't want to get chocolate on it, I'm sure.
You may not believe it, but this is the best shot we got of this setup!
Same here! 
Apparently when I said, "look at the camera and smile!" they heard "look away from the camera and make a silly face!" :)
I'm so glad that my Grandma Schaub was able to come!
Of course, Maya had to do her make-up!
My grandma's friend, Sue.  Maya did her make-up, too!
And Grandpa's :)
AND Aunt Katie's.  Are you seeing a theme here???
This one needs no caption, right?
Katie's self-portrait
Yes, they are holding hands (!!!!!).  Yes, this is my favorite thing ever.

 Happy Birthday, Maya!!!

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picturingtheordinary said...

I love Maya's new princess gear...looks like you guys had fun!