Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Maya!

My big girl turns 3 today. I'm not even sure what to feel about this! 3 feels very old to me (though I'm sure I said that about 1 and 2, also, and will continue to say it each year!). She has grown so much this year and is blossoming into an amazing little person with her own (very strong) opinions and personality. This year has brought many changes ~ potty learning, preschool, sleeping (sometimes) in her super special big girl bed. She has had no less than three paint "incidents", has started drawing letters and faces and people, and is holding entire conversations that I am not always a part of. For the better part of last month, she had people convinced she was in fact 4, to the point that they did not believe us when we said she was 2. And now, right as we get her used to the fact that she is 2 (and not 4), she turns 3!

When Maya woke up this morning, we asked her if she knew what day it was. She got a very excited look on her face and said, "today is the day that I am REALLY THREE!!!" The dinner that she has requested is "meatballs and yogurt", so that should be interesting.

I am very much looking forward to age 3. But before I get ahead of myself, let's take a look back at this past year (in chronological order :))

(If your computer can handle it, watch in 720p/HD ~ looks much nicer :))

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picturingtheordinary said...

I've been stalking your blog today waiting for this video...I love it and of course it made me cry. She's beautiful and funny and I'm so glad we've been able to watch our girls grow together! Happy Birthday Maya and Happy Birth Day Sarah!